One of the perks of working in high-tech is the occasional ability to work remotely. Intel used to have a much more liberal policy about remote working, but that rant is best left for a blog post.

Anyway, as I could work from pretty much anywhere, I moved to a tiny fishing town on the Washington coast called Ilwaco. I bought a circa-1970s duplex and lived in the downstairs while I prepared the upstairs to be my permanent home. Now that I live upstairs, the downstairs serves as a handy guest house when friends and family (and kayak classes) visit.

The Remodel Project

This remodel project yielded some great Before/After pictures, which I will share here:

Living room, dining room, and entry

Beforeb_DSCN0390b_DSCN0388 Afterd_DSC01161 b_l_DSCN0924DiningAfter

Office and bedroom

Beforeb_DSCN0398 Afterb_o_DSCN0926


Beforeb_DSCN0392 b_DSCN0391 AfterKitchenAfter b_k_DSCN0643


BeforeBathroomBefore After